blog-drivewayUnfortunately we’re seeing more and more pets run over or hit by cars in their owner’s driveway. When this traumatic accident occurs, it may seem like the pet’s injury is less severe because of the low-speed impact of the hit. However, extensive internal harm can result, such as crushing injuries where the organs are severely bruised or damaged. We also see serious external damage in these cases, including severe road rash or degloving type wounds. These injuries can be life threatening.

We think this harmful trend may be due to:

  • An increase in the use of invisible fences, which allow more pets to roam freely on their property, including the driveway, which may seem like a safe area.
  • Young dogs’ excitement at seeing their “human family members” come home and running out to greet them.
  • Dogs chasing cars.
  • Older pets that may be unable to see or hear cars pulling into or out of the driveway.
  • Many newer car models are designed with higher rear ends and windshields, making it more difficult for drivers to see what’s on the ground behind them when starting to back out.

Having a pet hit or run over by a car is an awful experience for everyone involved.  Please monitor your pets closely, especially around the driveway. Use your rear view mirrors diligently. Before driving off, walk all the way around your vehicle to make sure no pets are within range.

If your pet does get hit by a car please have him or her evaluated by a veterinarian immediately–even if the injury does not seem severe. Many injuries that can be life threatening are not always apparent without a full physical examination by a qualified veterinary medical professional. Newtown Veterinary Specialists is available 24/7, 365 days a year for you and your pet in the event of any trauma or injury.