Prescription Refills

Please complete and submit the form below and a technician will review your request. If there are any questions or the request cannot be filled for any reason, you will receive a phone call. Otherwise, we will fill the request and call you when it is ready. Please allow 48 hours for prescriptions to be filled.

If a refill authorization is required by a doctor, filling this request may be delayed due to the doctor’s schedule.

FOR PICK UP ORDERS: NVS has a 48 hour policy on all medication refills. If your prescription refill needs to be picked up on the same day, an additional $15 processing fee will be charged.
FOR ORDERS TO BE SHIPPED: $7.50 shipping fee. A representative will contact you requesting payment method prior to mailing/shipping. Please complete owner address below for mail refills.

How would you like to receive your refill?