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Dangers of Over-the-Counter Medications

Over-the-counter medications may be great to help us treat our daily aches, pains and illnesses. Unfortunately, many of these medications can be dangerous—even deadly—to our pets. The doctors at Newtown Veterinary Specialists strongly advise you to NEVER give any [...]

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Blood Transfusions Save Pets’ Lives

Did you know that dogs and cats have different blood types—just as people do? Currently, dogs have nine known blood groups and we’re finding more every day.  These blood types are labeled by the Dog [...]

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Enriching Your Cat’s Quality of Life

If we ask pet owners what’s the most important thing they want for their pet, a good quality of life would top the list. In addition to maintaining proper physical health, improved mental health will contribute to the [...]

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Minimally-Invasive Surgery

  Less Pain, Quicker Recovery for Your Pet We’re constantly adapting to technological advancements in today’s ever-changing healthcare industry. In this new age, as the human medical landscape continues to evolve, physicians increasingly have the [...]

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Helpful Advice for Adopting a New Pet

Adopting a new pet is a major commitment.  Depending on age, species and breed, pet ownership can be a two decade responsibility! To help ensure a long and happy bond between you and your pet, [...]

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Pets Injured in Driveways

Unfortunately we’re seeing more and more pets run over or hit by cars in their owner’s driveway. When this traumatic accident occurs, it may seem like the pet’s injury is less severe because of the [...]

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