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The Art of Giving a Medical History

You’re in the emergency room with your ill or injured pet. You’re worried. Your pet is stressed or in pain. The staff is bombarding you with questions. Here are some tips for keeping calm and [...]

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Heart Disease in Pets

Heart disease in pets is pretty much the same as it is in humans. Heart disease is a cardiovascular disease condition of the heart or surrounding blood vessels in which the normal function of oxygen [...]

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Feline Idiopathic Cystitis

Urinary tract troubles are not uncommon in domestic cats. There are many causes of urinary tract issues including urinary tract infections (UTIs), bladder or kidney stones, cancer, anatomical or congenital problems, problems with other organs or [...]

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The Importance of E-Collars

Everyone hates e-collars—you know, those hard plastic “lampshades” your pet has to wear after seemingly every visit to the veterinarian’s office. E-collar is short for Elizabethan collar; it was named after the stand-up collar on [...]

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Protect Large Breed Dogs from Breathing Problems

We previously posted a warning about airway disease in short-muzzled dogs. But our smaller canine companions are not the only ones that can develop breathing problems in higher heat and humidity!  Another common breathing problem, [...]

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Halloween Pet Safety Tips

While pet owners are busy enjoying Halloween’s sweet treats, they may forget that their four-legged friends might also be interested in trying some sugary goodies. There can be very serious health consequences for dogs and [...]

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