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When to see a Veterinary Cardiologist

Heart disease affects many cats and dogs. The consequences can be severe. Many people are surprised that pets can be evaluated and treated by a cardiologist just like people with heart disease. Newtown Veterinary Specialists’ [...]

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Thanksgiving Safety Tips

Did you know that hidden dangers lurk in your holiday kitchen? The experts at Newtown Veterinary Specialists have compiled a list of tips to help keep your pets safe during the bounty of Thanksgiving: 1. [...]

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Dealing with Wounds

Whatever the source–a fight with another animal, an unfortunate run-in with a branch in the woods, or a grooming mishap, scrapes and cuts on your pet can be scary, and may leave you wondering what [...]

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Top Ten Holiday Dangers for Pets

While the holiday season can bring great cheer, it can also be a stressful and dangerous time for pets. The experts at Newtown Veterinary Specialists present 10 hazards pets face during the holidays. We offer [...]

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Medication Dangers

Our canine and feline companions are often prescribed medications similar to those we use. However, there are many drugs people take that are harmful, even deadly, to our cherished pets. The Emergency Service at Newtown [...]

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Cold Weather Warning

The Dangers of Antifreeze (Ethylene Glycol) In this cold weather season, many people are busy winterizing their homes and property. These winter preparations may include adding fresh antifreeze to car radiators. Unfortunately, many people don’t [...]

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